Where the Market Comes to Trade

CanDeal has been setting the standard for electronic fixed income and derivatives trading in Canada since 2001. While the business may now seem mature in years, it continues to grow rapidly as the move to electronic trading intensifies around the world. For the founders of CanDeal, the vision formed in the late-1990s technology boom has largely been realized, with all of Canada’s primary dealers and most significant foreign participants already on the platform.

In addition to assembling the deepest liquidity pool, more than 250 global institutional firms leverage CanDeal to execute billions of dollars of fixed income and derivatives trades daily. Trading volumes that would have seemed unimaginable even five years ago are now commonplace. In 2013, trade volumes surpassed C$2.3 trillion, a 32% increase over the previous year.

Throughout the growth of the company, it has remained a partnership with the industry, both in terms of product and service collaboration, and ownership. CanDeal is currently owned by Canada’s six major bank owned dealers, and the TMX Group.

While facts and figures speak to the growth in electronic trading that CanDeal has stewarded since inception, what really matters is the progress that has been made in assisting market participants’ benefit from tools that were simply unavailable before the company existed. Pre-trade price transparency has never been greater, execution has never been easier or more efficient, and the type and range of compliance and reporting tools are the world class standard.

Through expansion and innovation, CanDeal has solidified its place in Canadian debt capital markets.

Against the backdrop of broad-based regulatory change, CanDeal is ideally positioned to continue to play a key role in raising the leadership profile of Canada around the world.