• Feb12 Press Release

    Toronto, February 12, 2019; The six largest Canadian banks have partnered with CanDeal to create the country’s first comprehensive fixed income and derivatives market data hub. The Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) business, DataVault Innovations, intends to produce best in class pricing and analytics data to address the growing data needs of participants and regulators.

    While presently ingesting data from each of the six banks, DataVault Innovations is actively seeking an inclusive strategy to engage all other marketplace data contributors.

  • Feb05 Intelligence
    CanDeal's 2018 Year in Review - February 05, 2019

    $3.2 Trillion Total Traded Volume in 2018

    List Trading activity doubled in 2018
    • Volume of real return bonds increased by over 200%
    Dealer auto response rate increased by 70%

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    PDF icon 2018 Year In Review EN.pdf
  • Oct30 Press Release

    Toronto, October 30, 2018; CanDeal, the leading institutional electronic marketplace for Canadian bond, money market, and derivatives trading, has announced an ownership restructuring under which each of Canada’s six leading banks increased its stake in the marketplace. As a result of the restructuring, which included a reduction in TMX Group's share, CanDeal's ownership group each has an equal share of the company.

    On a combined basis, the Canadian banks now own more than 85% of CanDeal, signaling an increased commitment to electronic trading in Canadian Dollar products.  The CanDeal marketplace features more than 300 institutional investment firms and includes 11 Canadian bank/dealer liquidity providers. CanDeal trading volumes have grown from C$600Billion in 2008 to more than C$3.1Trillion in the past four quarters. 

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