CanDeal introduces new client viewer

TORONTO, Ontario (February 5, 2008) - CanDeal, the leading global online marketplace for Canadian dollar debt securities, is pleased to announce that it has released its New Client Viewer; to enhance the User’s experience and ability to create a personalized and more efficient dealing environment.

The new CanDeal Client Viewer maintains all of the functionality of previous versions and it incorporates a new look and feel.  Many new features have been embedded into the new viewer. The most innovative additions include Personal Monitor (PMON) and “myBESTX”.  PMON allows users to create multiple custom monitors to track and trade securities that matter most, to them.  CanDeal’s “myBESTX” provides a real-time, quantified measure of the value created by the CanDeal Request for Quote auction process. This value-added feature allows users to track their daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly “BestX”.

"CanDeal delivers a user-friendly dealing environment and their new viewer lets me customize my screens to meet my needs" said Richard Lévesque, Vice President, Money Market from Natcan Investment Management.

CanDeal leads the industry in building and operating successful debt markets in Canada.  CanDeal’s trading protocols are proven effective at facilitating Best Execution objectives for: best price, timeliness, certainty, and total cost. CanDeal’s innovations have heightened industry practices in the Canadian debt markets for: price discovery; trading efficiency; compliance archiving; risk management; pre-trade price transparency; and automated post-trade processing. 

“Our new viewer incorporates many new features and functionality that our clients have been asking for.  We are continually working with participants, to improve the value we create, by responding to their needs.” said Jayson Horner, President and CEO of CanDeal.  “From the moment our clients log in, CanDeal provides superior value in critical aspects of their work cycle.”  

About CanDeal
CanDeal is the leading global online marketplace for Canadian dollar debt securities ( CanDeal provides online access to the largest pool of liquidity for Canadian government bonds and money market instruments. CanDeal’s marketplace is available to institutional investors in Canada, the United States and Europe.

CanDeal offers Canadian institutional investors and investment dealer’s online access to liquidity in 17 debt and derivative marketplaces operated by TradeWeb in the United States, Europe and Asia.