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  • Jan16 Article
    DerivSource | Canada Bites the Bullet on Trade Reporting - January 16, 2014

    First step aligned with US rules, cross-border harmonisation expected. Dan Barnes explores how trade reporting of OTC derivatives in evolving in Canada. The article quotes CanDeal Global Product head Mike White on how Canadian regulators have been tackling this large undertaking.

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  • Jan16 Article
    DerivSource | Versions of the Truth; Trade Reporting in Canada - January 16, 2014

    Trade reporting is intended to provide regulators with insight into the market, but how can multiple reporting centres provide a single view? Dan Barnes reports on how Canada is approaching trade reporting across the provinces. This article features comments from Phil Wright, Managing Director, Canadian sales at CanDeal.

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  • Mar13 Press Release

    MONTREAL/TORONTO, March 13, 2013 – CanDeal, the leading institutional electronic marketplace for Canadian rates, money market and derivatives, is pleased to announce that Morgan Stanley will be joining its marketplace as a liquidity provider for Government of Canada bonds.

    The addition of Morgan Stanley to CanDeal’s marketplace deepens the electronic liquidity pool in Canada to 14 providers. More than 250 global institutions leverage CanDeal to gain insight and direct access to Canadian dollar product.

  • Jan21 Article
    Electronic Trading Brings Transparency to Canadian Rate Swaps - January 21, 2013

    As Canadian regulators strive to meet G20 commitments on derivatives regulatory reform, CanDeal announced the launch of the first multi-dealer-to-client trading platform for Canadian dollar interest rate swaps. Don Curren of Dow Jones reports on the launch of the new marketplace and the evolution of electronic trading. The article features comments from CanDeal’s Co-Founder, President and CEO, Jayson Horner. To read the article click here.

  • Jan16 Press Release

    MONTREAL/TORONTO, January 16, 2013: CanDeal announced the launch of the first electronic multi-dealer-to-customer marketplace for Canadian dollar interest rate swaps in collaboration with Tradeweb Markets LLC. The new platform provides a more efficient means for market participants to meet G20 mandates and adhere to pending swap execution facility (SEF) rules.

    While CanDeal has been the leading provider of electronic markets for Canadian bonds and money market trading for over a decade, this is its first move into derivatives. To date, nine bank/dealers are providing liquidity on the new platform.