Beyond the Trade

CanDeal’s electronic trade record forms the basis of our event-driven technology, which feeds a supply chain of information.  A permanent and accessible electronic record is created for every interaction, which aids participants in meeting compliance requirements. Our records facilitate the real-time transfer of financial information between institutions via our Application Programming Interface (API), using either the FIX or XML messaging protocol. The empirical data that is derived from each transaction can drive unique business analysis and gain intelligence that is not available from any other source.

Transaction History
CanDeal’s permanent and accessible transaction record provides all of the necessary information to affirm and settle a transaction. Generated for both parties from a single record, it eliminates the opportunity for any miscommunication of trade information. It also includes a detailed record of every communication sent between parties. This provides for the first time an independent, timely, and accurate record of the trade work-up for each transaction executed on CanDeal. Also included is a snapshot of the live dealing screen as it appeared, the instant a trade was accepted. This snap-shot is enhanced by the then-prevailing composite market for each instrument traded and the best execution calculation.

All financial information relating to transactions done on CanDeal is summarized in a standardized FIX or XML message that can be accessed through our API, in real-time. This message facilitates the exchange of information that drives post-trade operations for market participants and their agents, custodians, vendors, clearing houses, depositories and banks. The risk management benefits of these messages include the availability of end-of-day operations into real-time; and a significant reduction in operational redundancy and human error.

Business Intelligence
Much like other industries, the investment industry is becoming more driven by data. Participants are able to capture unique data when they transact on CanDeal. Data-driven decision making allows participants to make more informed trading decisions, and as a result, allows them to capture greater returns. Both buy- and sell-side participants can capture information to help measure and attribute performance, quantify and demonstrate best execution as well as review their business from a compliance and oversight perspective. A new standard of real-time record creation and business intelligence has been ushered in.